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Working with large, national, high profile membership organisations means we have an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of not only the membership industry but also the challenges that one faces when communicating with a diverse membership. Our unique agency approach means that we will help you shape a bespoke, direct mail strategy focusing on membership acquisition, retention and engagement.

Membership organisations benefit from the following features :

Complex Mailings

For all clients, but most specifically membership organisations, the ability to cope with a multi-cell mailing is incredibly important. By segmenting the data, we are then able to send variable messages to different demographics within your membership. These variances can be anything from inserts to front covers, enabling you to engage with as many members as possible in a way that they will respond positively to.

Market Awareness

The world of direct mail is always changing. The options for our customers are growing on a day to day basis, and keeping abreast of everything new can be a daunting challenge. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game and have a track record of providing innovative solutions based on requirements. For example, when the National Trust announced their plans to phase out single-use plastic we helped them get started by finding a bioplastic (potato starch) film to wrap their members magazine.


We understand our clients and that what works for one, may not work for another. Add to this our vast knowledge of the direct mail industry and we really can offer a service created just for you. Nothing exemplifies this more than the development of our agency approach. Working closely with each and every client has helped us to become the adaptable company we are today, thriving on every challenge that comes our way. We are best placed to help you run successful and engaging membership mailing campaigns whether they are aimed at member acquisition or retention.

Network of Suppliers

Having been in this business for 15 years, we have built up a full network of trusted suppliers which we would love to introduce you to. No matter the situation, we have relationships with the companies that can help and understand the services they provide.

For example, the Royal Mail Market Reach Service. We have extensive experience of every nook and cranny of this service, as well as strong relationships with each regional media specialist, making sure that your campaign is getting all the discounts that are available to you.

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