A flexible direct mail partner for your mail order business

One Size Never Fits All

We see each mailing as unique, with its own set of challenges and needs. Rather than approaching with a one size fits all strategy, our dedicated team will help deliver the perfect direct mail campaign.

Some of the ways we make a difference to clients with a mail order business:

Testing and Innovation

The Testing and Innovation Scheme with Royal Mail is complex, time consuming and frustrating. However, it is essential for any mail order campaign to get to grips with, as it ensures that all the correct discounts are applied to your postage getting you the best possible postage price and maximising your ROI. ADM will take the pressure off for you. We will manage the process from start to finish, from making the application to getting final sign-off from you and the Royal Mail.

Small Changes make a Big Difference

We’ve been doing this successfully for 15 years and we really know what works in a direct mail campaign and what doesn’t, whether you’re polywrapping, envelope enclosing, sending your mail unwrapped or tabbed. We understand how different choices within your campaign will affect customer response and adhere to Royal Mail formatting guidelines. Even the seemingly small touches can make a huge impact. From the size of the brochure to the position of the logo and Royal Mail PPI (pre-payment insignia) and the quality of the printed address, each choice will impact the success of your campaign. We have a full understanding of every choice you can make, and will guide you through each of them to ensure you have the most successful campaign you can.

Network of Suppliers

As with our membership organisation clients, we will utilise our exhaustive knowledge of, and relationships with, a full network of suppliers. Depending on the additional support you are looking for we can introduce you to a whole range of suppliers, from; the web printer or the sheet-fed printer to the right contact within Royal Mail or the director of our preferred downstream access provider.  Maybe you are considering bioplastic (potato starch) film to wrap your next mailing, we will introduce you to our supplier. Whatever the situation, we have the perfect contact to make your life that little bit easier.

Fast & effective direct mail