First choice direct mail partner for mail order companies and membership organisations

Generally, our clients can be classified into two areas; mail order companies selling from the page, or membership organisations with members magazines and membership cards. Some clients fall in to both categories.

Working closely within both these industries has shaped the way we work and do business, giving us a unique perspective on the world of direct mail.

Our way of working will:

  • Get it right first time, your message to your audience!
  • Help you navigate the, at times, labyrinthine world of direct mail (including GDPR).
  • Keep you ahead of the curve with our unique understanding of what’s new in direct mail, e.g. any postal changes or innovations such as 100% compostable potato starch bioplastic wrap.
  • Ensure that you deliver on time and optimise your spend in the process.

ADM have revolutionised mailings for clients in both of these sectors, making us the unrivalled direct mail partner for your business.

Mail order companies

Membership organisations