ADM Team: The best direct mail consultants in the business

Unrivalled levels of client support, knowledge and experience.

  • Terry Barratt Managing Director

    Terry has been Managing Director of ADM since the very beginning, so he really knows the business, inside and out. Prior to establishing ADM, Terry learnt his trade as a Management Accountant with Waterford Crystal and Cradley Print. Terry is a strategic thinker and planner, and has a clear vision for the development of the company. When he’s not at ADM, Terry loves nothing better than spending time with his family and watching a game of football.

    “I remember meeting Julie for the first time. It suddenly hit me, we could turn the world of direct mail on its head and create a customer-centric approach, focussing on quality of service and the client, ensuring we provide the complete package”

    • Julie Ray Client Services Director

      One of the founding directors of ADM, Julie started her career in the world of banking customer service. Resourceful, energetic, and with unrivalled knowledge of direct mail, Julie’s perfectly positioned to lead ADM. Julie is an avid reader, devouring books at a frightening pace. She has also recently discovered the joy of cruising and is looking forward to her next adventure on the high seas with her family.

      “For a long time, direct mail had a bad reputation. I can’t tell you the stories I would hear of poor customer service, printers setting up mailing lines on the back of printers, and even one shocking tale of a batch of mailings being dumped in the canal! Terry and I vowed to do things differently. 15 years on we can honestly claim that our team of intelligent, ambitious and passionate people are the best in the business.”

      • Jo Lucas Business Development Director

        Jo specialises in bringing new business in to ADM and loves nothing more than seeing a client relationship flourish. When she’s not extolling the virtues of direct mail, Jo loves cooking and playing golf.

        Client Services

        A very large part of the service we provide is delivered by our wonderful team in Client Services. They are a fantastic group of intelligent, creative and passionate people, who live direct mail day in and day out.

        • Julie Jakeman Client Services Manager

          Julie is our Client Services Manager and a team role model thanks to her unfaltering determination, experience and work ethic. Julie’s a dog-lover and keen motorcyclist.

          • Sharon Tyler Account Manager

            Sharon is one of our Senior Account Managers. Sharon keeps us (and our customers!) on course, each and every day. When Sharon’s not helping clients, she’s a budding tri-athlete.

            • Michelle Lister Account Manager

              A veteran of the direct mail industry, Michelle is one of our most trusted account managers. At weekends, Michelle loves to explore the great outdoors.

              • Cath Phillips Print Buyer

                Cath is our print expert. She’s been in the industry for a long time and knows a lot about the importance of executing print perfectly. Cath is passionate about her work and loves to share her experiences – and so the ADM blog benefits from Cath’s experience on a regular basis! Apart from her love of all things printing, Cath also enjoys holidays in the sun, her beloved dog and spending time in her garden.