Case Study:


We helped to drive Bravissimo sales using direct mail personalisation.
We reveal how we helped them succeed with direct mail.

Cutting numbers to boost sales

  • Trial and test programme improved effectiveness
  • Personalisation to boost response rates

Bravissimo has 26 stores across the UK – as well as mail order and e-commerce channels. We have worked with them for over a decade.



Direct mail is the life-blood of Bravissimo’s business. The company grew from a mail order catalogue sent from the owner’s living room and has continued using this model to drive business to stores and online.

Since moving to ADM, our transparency, flexibility, and quality control has focused their direct mail marketing to be more effective and less costly. Good news all round.

Personalised mailings

Over the years we’ve worked with Bravissimo to trial brochure sizes, formats, and styles. Seasonal volumes have decreased in direct proportion to the increase in personalisation and improved response rates.

Today, Bravissimo catalogues can direct customers to a retail store within 25 miles. We introduced Bravissimo to our Media Specialist at Royal Mail Market Reach who suggested further improvements on the redesign of the catalogues after exploring techniques that catch the eye. Response rates improved yet again.

We continue to trial and test new techniques all the time, always working to improve results and reduce costs.

What they said

Advanced Direct Mail have an unrivalled knowledge of the mailing world and help to make our ideas become a reality, but in the most cost effective way. Our long-standing relationship with ADM is a testament to the commitment and care they have given Bravissimo over many years, ensuring that every job is carried out and completed in the most professional manner.
Their communication and organisation is first class, keen to work with all stakeholders to ensure each mailing is a success. We are working closely with Advanced Direct Mail to test formats, packaging and inserts and after some very positive outcomes, we will continue to do so to maximise the effectiveness of all our future mailings.

Rebecca Cleveley,
Marketing Manager, Bravissimo

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