Case Study:

Impressive direct mail marketing results for Bible Society

We helped Bible Society to trim their postage costs, personalise their mailings and boost fundraising.
Here’s how we did it.

Tailoring content to drive fundraising

Bible Society works to make the Bible accessible worldwide. They use direct mail marketing as a key fundraising tool.



Bible Society segments mailings by target audience – making theirs a complex account to manage. When their previous supplier started to struggle with the scale, the charity began looking for a new single source partner to support them. We now deliver a high-quality service at a competitive price.

Savings in plain sight

Like most organisations, Bible Society spends most of its direct mail budget on postage.

By thinking creatively, we significantly cut those costs without reducing the impact of their supporter mailers.

When we first started working with Bible Society their mailings were relatively simple – 50,000 A4 newsletters plus personalised A4 letters sent quarterly. In postage terms, that counted as a large letter. By simply folding the newsletter and changing the letter to A5, we brought the classification down to a standard letter – saving 9% in the process. This saving allowed them to increase the mailing to 80,000.

We now do bulk distribution for Bible Society too, sending out large orders to churches and Sunday schools. More sophisticated mailings have been added to the programme, with highly personalised variable text fields which use three-way camera matching.

What they said

Right from the start of our relationship with Advanced Direct Mail they have been proactive in advising the best ways of saving costs not only with postage but also fulfilment. They manage our direct mail projects with great care and always go that extra mile to understand what we are trying to achieve, in the best interest of Bible Society and our supporters.

Graham Bates,
Fundraising Production Officer, Bible Society

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