ADM’s Four Keys For Direct Mail Success in 2022

We’re looking forward to the year ahead and while we expect some challenges, we’re confident that the future looks bright for Direct Mail.

Getting your mailing campaigns right, first time, while achieving first-class returns on investment is as important as ever and that’s where we can help.

ADM’s Four Keys For Direct Mail Success

1 – Get your data right. ✅

Data is King. Getting it right means better returns on your investment.

Cleanse your data to remove duplicates and gone-aways to minimise waste.

Segment your data so you can deliver more of what your customers and members want and improve their experience. Target the right audience.

2 – Harness personalisation ✅

This can be whatever you want it to be! Voucher codes, offers local to the recipient, targeted products based on transactional data and order history, birthday discounts, or just simple messages.

Harness personalisation to increase your ROI. Research shows it can improve open rates, engagement, and conversions.

3 – Achieve Visible Sustainability ✅

Sustainability is no longer a financial burden. Environmentally friendly mailing formats such as unwrapped catalogues or magazines are cost-effective, and your customers or members now expect it. Paper-wrapped mailings also make an immediate impact and are the norm.

More on the benefits of paper-wrapped mailings can be found in our recent blog here.

4 – Get your postage right ✅

Royal Mail’s price increases have now kicked in. Rest assured, we work hard behind the scenes to negotiate some of the most competitive postage rates in the industry which we pass onto our clients.

Thanks to our unrivalled knowledge and expertise we can advise the best products and services to use whether that’s with Royal Mail or a DSA provider.

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